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Lux Silk Eyelashes

  • Inspired by the the femininity of old Hollywood starlets, our natural handmade silk lashes are designed for easy application. They can be reused up to 7 times (with proper care). Our soft cotton band allows them to gently hug the curve of the eye without ever poking or pulling.
  • Winks - a full set of beautiful eye candy
    -For all eye shape and sizes
    -gives just the right amount of drama making it hard to tell they are not real
    -Can be fitted to eye by trimming edges
    -Refer to our false eyelash tutorial for more info
  • Start by removing eyelash from container and holding up to eye to measure length. If too long cut. Next, apply a very thin line of glue to band of eyelash with a toothpick. Gently place eyelash on base of eye where lash meets skin and wiggle into place. When position is right hold for approximately 20 seconds. Refer for false eyelash tutorial for more detailed instruction.
  • 100% organic cotton band, silk fiber lashes